Track and Maintain Status of each Candidate.

Track Status of Candidates

With Right Recruiters , Consultants can easily fill and track status of their candidates across all different stages like Calling Stage , Interview Stage and Hiring Stage. History is created and maintained for each record or entry made in the system along with timestamp.

Send Automated Mailers to Candidates

Whenever Status of a Candidate is Updated then a mailer is generated based on Set templates and sent to Candidates informing them about their Current Status of Interview. When a candidate is Lined-up for Interview a reminder mailer is sent twice by the system reminding them about interview date and similarly for Joining Date as well.

Auto Notification To Team Members on Status Update

Whenever a status is set for a Candidate , a Notification is generated and sent to all the team members informing them about the Status Update in order to keep every team member in sync with the activities.

Benefits :

Updating candidate status in single click saves loads of man – hours. Avoid the load of maintaining and searching records in Excel.

0% possibility of missing out on Updating status of Candidates. build your brand among Candidates and win their trust.

Strengthen your relationship with Candidates by keeping them informed about their current interview status saves time and you are left with ample time to focus on strengthening your relationship with them – a must for every successful hire.