Share Candidate details with Company HR / End Clients

Easily Approve/Reject Candidates at Multiple-Level with-in Organization or Team

Right Recruiters has come up with an easy to use and understand feature to provide feedback on each candidate at multiple levels of any organization. Easily create your own Review parameters and set which team members have right to Review Candidates and what level.

Share your Candidates With End Clients through Dashboard.

With Right Recruiters Management System , You can easily assign responsibilities to team members to share shortlisted Candidates with End clients on daily basis.With one button click you can share candidates for multiple job openings or requirements your team is working on.System will sent a mail to all your clients with a link from where they can view all the Candidates and provide a feedback for the same.

Receive Client Feedback Directly in your Dashboard.

Receive Client feedback on shared Candidates directly in your Dashboard and take necessary actions on each Candidate accordingly.

Share Candidates through Mail

In case you wish to share Candidate details through mails with your Clients then our Recruitment Management System will generate an Excel and Stamped Candidate resume which you can share with your end clients.

Benefits :

Reduce Team Workload spent in creating Excel for sharing with clients and updating resume of 100's of candidates on daily basis.

Reduce Turnaround time Sharing candidates via Dashboard and receiving feedback will tremendously reduce the time you wait for to receive feedback on your candidates. This will result in more number of hires per month.

Expand your hiring capacity Reduction in turnaround time and freedom from Operational workload allows Consultancies to easily expand their hiring capacity without expanding size of their teams.