Manage Recruiters / Recruitment Consultants

Add Team Members

With Right Recruiters , You can easily add new Team members by Just entering their name and Email-Id which will be their UserId. As a user you can add Internal Team Member ( Consultant Accounts ) or Resume Supplier Accounts.

Assign Managers / Create Team Hierarchy

With Right Recruiters , you can easily set Reporting Manager for each team member and view Complete Team Structure. You can easily allocate Job Openings to your immediate team members or to the entire team.

Track / Report Team Performance

With Right Recruiters ,you can get in-depth details of performance of your team members. Easily View how many line-ups have been created , what is the Conversion Ratio of Potential Candidates to Joined Candidates .

Benefits :

In-depth analysis of Team Performance keep a track of your team members operational efficiency and work capacity.

Smart and Fast Recruitment Management Easily Implement Operations , policies and maintain clear segregation of work across all the team members