Manage Job Openings with Recruitment Management System From Right Recruiters

Easily Update Job Details

Job related information like Skills, Industry, Salary Range,Job Description etc. Any changes you make are immediately reflected across all the pages where you have posted this Job Opening and candidates will always see the Updated Information only.

Create customised form for each Job Opening

One of the most challenging and time consuming task in Recruitment Consultancy business is submitting Candidate Details to their Clients. Every new requirement requires Consultants to collect and fill different kind of Candidate information related to their skills, notice period etc. This process can be really gruesome when there are multiple requirements and applications are in bulk. With Right Recruiters CRM Dashboard, Consultants can easily create customized form and make sure that all the information requested by their end clients is filled by the Candidates and none of the critical information is missed. All this information can be easily downloaded in an excel (Tracker) for sharing with end client.

Easily Allocate Job Openings

With Right Recruiters CRM system You can easily allocate Job Opening to your entire team under you or immediate subordinates. With this feature you can allocate your job openings just the way you do it in real-life.

Mail Job Opening to Potential Candidates

Mail job opening details or job link to your candidates Informing them about job opening directly from dashboard along with the customised form to fill candidature details. Also receive a notification alert on CRM when candidate fills the form and submits them.

Add Critical Information on Top of resumes to Share with Clients

Set Resume Template for Job opening - Recruitment consultants can set a default resume template for every job opening created on CRM or set a customised resume template for any job opening on CRM . This allows you to highlight all critical information about candidates on top of every resume . So when you share resumes of candidates with your clients the details of the candidate gets shared in the way resume template is formatted.

Search Job Openings

With huge database searching for any job within becomes cumbersome but with Right Recruiters CRM you can search jobs on basis of Job – id, job title, skill sets, client’s name, functional area and industry.

Benefits :

Save time in Updating Job details on every page or portal you advertised on. Updating details on CRM is automatically reflected on all pages you posted the job opening and candidates will view updated information only.

Comply with End Client Requirements By creating a customised form for each job opening you ensure that all the information of candidates is formatted the way your client desires and nothing is missed. You also save time as you need not format every candidate’s information in applications you receive. You create a customised form and then mail this to candidates so that whatever details are submitted by him are in the format you desire.

Allocate Jobs to Large teams with Ease Save time in allocating jobs to your recruiting team directly from dashboard. This feature allows A User to allocate job openings to its immediate team members and those team members can then allocate job to their internal teams.

Keep a healthy pipeline of potential candidates Save time spent gathering candidate details by sending mails directly from dashboard to inform candidates about job opening along with a link to fill their detailed information.

Save precious time spent in redundant operational activities Share resumes of your candidates with your clients with critical information highlighted on top of resumes by setting resume templates , thus making it convenient for clients to screen resumes in short span of time.

With search filters for searching jobs within database you can view details of your desired job in just few seconds.