Review Job Applicants at Multiple Level

Reviewing candidates, a pivotal step in recruitment is possible on our dashboard.

1. Review candidates on two bases – job specific and general review.
2. View the date and time of creation of candidate review and the account user who created the review.
3. Tag candidates to be shared with end clients.
4. Automatic sharing of candidate’s reviews and tags with reporting manager.

Create your own review categories for candidates or update the existing review categories.

1. Create new review categories to review candidates on dashboard.
2. Update the existing review categories on dashboard.
3. Assign User rights for these review categories to your team members.

Benefits :

Reviewing and tagging the candidate directly on dashboard gives you an advantage of automatic sharing of these candidates with your reporting manager.

Creating new review categories provides you with vast number of categories to review your candidates and select the best to present to your client.

By assigning various review categories to team members your candidate is reviewed at multiple levels and workload of the user at the top level is very much reduced.