Import Complete Information of Candidate From Job Portal

Import Candidate Information From Portal

With Right Recruiters , User can easily extract all the structured , un-structured information and Resume of a Candidate directly from the Job Portal. This feature saves all the manual effort that goes into entering information of a Candidate Manually in database.

Can be Easily Integrated with any Job Portal

One click import feature is flexible enough to be integrated with any Job Portal. Currently it is integrated with , LinkedIn . The Import feature is implemented using a small Chrome Extension that picks data from the page where Candidate information is present and then Loads it into a form in the Dashboard.

Allows to Modify , Edit or Add Extra Information about Candidate

In-case certain information about a candidate is missing on the portal then you can add that information easily before saving the Candidate Information in your dashboard.

Benefits :

Saves time spent by Recruiters in updating and Adding Information of Job Applicants Manually.

Easily Imports all the Job Applicant Information along with Resume to make sure that you have all the relevant candidate information at your end.