What is An Applicant Tracking System ? What are its benefits ?

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Everyone working in recruitment business will agree with me . A recruiter’s life is far more interesting than a person working in any other industry. On one side this business is full of connecting and communicating with a variety of candidates and clients , which in itself is a great venture but is also laden with challenges of its own.

Advertising job vacancies , screening a large pool of applicants , calling and convincing them for job offers , sharing the interested candidates with end clients, tracking the status of candidates , lining them for  an interview , generating an  invoice with clients and maintaining the data of candidates and clients comprise the daily routine of a recruiter.

Amidst all this work a recruiter ignores his mental peace , his health and his relations just to make his clients happy and present them with the top talent in the shortest possible time and at low cost. But is this really happening ?

A recent survey shows that it takes on an average 26.8 days to fill a job vacancy and this time period is likely to increase further. Also  , cost per hire has increased to $4,000 in recent years. Although social media and job portals have improved talent acquisition by few inches but there is a cold war running between companies about brand promotion and talent retention that certain companies have taken to employee poaching to attract top talent to their organisation. On the other hand ,  small enterprises are struggling to attract skilled professionals as they don’t have the budget to spend on advanced recruitment tactics.

So, where are we heading to ? Nothing but the girth.

Despite the latest trends in recruitment why is the  cost per hire everly increasing ? Why are we loosing talent ? Why is average time to fill a job increasing over years ? Is there something we need to change ?

Ask yourself and answer will be “ YES “ from your conscience.

But what needs to be changed ? Simple . We need to change the way we manage our hiring process.

Hey !. Did I hear an  Applicant Tracking System or are my ears ringing ?

Yes , the solution lies with Applicant Tracking System. But still  , many organisations have not implemented it and are continuing with their old ways of recruitment.This could be due to 3 reasons

  1. Lack of knowledge about Applicant Tracking System
  2. They don’t care about the loss incurred due to old ways of hiring
  3. Myths regarding Applicant Tracking System

So, here I am to refine your knowledge about Applicant Tracking System , how it benefits you and resolve all the myths surrounding it.

First , what is a Recruitment Management System or Applicant Tracking System ? It is a comprehensive tool to manage the entire recruitment process of an organisation. It is a software that automates the entire recruitment cycle so that you complete all your recruitment activities in just single click.

Moving on to the benefits of Applicant Tracking System :

  1. Save loads of man-hours because every step in recruitment cycle starting from advertising your job vacancies to generating invoices with your client is automated.
  2. By advertising job vacancies using this software you promote your employer brand by creating a unique web page that highlights your company banner and logo with each job posting and that too without any extra cost.
  3. Attracting more % of top talent at  a low cost thus reducing cost per hire drastically.
  4. Sourcing of candidates from job portals occur in one single click thus keeping your talent pipeline always full.
  5. Managing your job becomes easy and time-saving as you can update your job details , create customised forms for job openings and send mails to  a vast number of candidates using this software.
  6. Convenience in screening resumes of applicants.
  7. Reviewing your candidates and sharing best candidate details with your clients becomes effortless and conducive. . Oh! those multiple mails to clients and waiting for their feedback is old – fashioned now.
  8. Easily track the status of your candidates . Additionally, about Applicant Tracking System allows you to send status updates to multiple candidates, coordinating and scheduling interviews on manager’s calendars with important interview documents attached and storing interviewer comments in a central location for team review.
  9. Freedom from maintaining multiple folders and excel sheets to store your data.
  10. All details , be it about candidate or clients are saved in this system and is fully secured. As a result  , your database itself becomes a source of  the talent pool and you can maintain a directory of your clients.
  11. This data can be accessed anytime and from anywhere around the globe unlike when it is saved on your computer’s disc. So you can work even when you are not in your office and don’t have access to your office PC.
  12. Easy creation and maintenance of invoices with clients.
  13. Using this Applicant Tracking System you can assign roles to your team members , manage their  account settings ,easily view their daily performance and thus bring uniformity in your recruitment operations.

Coming to the myths that surround an  Applicant Tracking System


  1. Difficulty in using the software : Majority of Applicant Tracking System have a friendly user interface and you can learn to implement them in your daily routine with minimal training. Vendors dealing with Applicant Tracking System provide free demo sessions where you can easily learn how to use the software.
  2. Applicant Tracking System is not secure : This is an absolute illusion because all the information loaded on the software is stored in a single repository and is fully secured.
  3. Implementing a software will cause huge disruption to my working day : This is not true because Applicant Tracking System does not require special hardware or any other arrangements for installation. Majority of them are now cloud – based which means they are delivered to you as a service over the Internet and you do not require to build and maintain any computing resources in-house.
  4. I won’t be able to make any changes once implementation begins : This is not true as Applicant Tracking System are agile and any changes can be made as per user’s requirement even after implementing the software.
  5. All Applicant Tracking System are same : No, this is the biggest misconception you have because every software differs from another be it in functionality , modular structure , training provisions or implementation process.

But Yes An Ideal Software should be

  1. Convenient to use
  2. Provide necessary social media and job portal integration ,
  3. Should have in-built workflow automation so that you can easily track your candidates along the hiring process
  4. Should be able to provide a customized pre-screening tool to the hiring manager to rank the candidates based on their responses and focus only on qualified candidates, thus saving his man – hours.
  5. Should have the flexibility to meet the demands of small, medium and large business equally and design the workflow unique to each organization.
  6. Ensure that all the information stored is fully secured and it gives you a  full capacity to control your data and company processes from anywhere around the globe.
  7. Speedy in performance
  8. Provide round the clock customer support.

6.  Too expensive for SMEs : All organisations be it small, medium or large need to invest in recruitment processes to procure the best talent in their organisation but such investment affects the business of small and medium enterprises more markedly than large enterprises.

But investing in  Applicant Tracking System is not expensive as it is a one – time investment and will fetch you greater business.

7. Implementing requires significant IT support : As discussed earlier that Applicant Tracking System are cloud – based and do not require any funding in IT resources on  the part of the user for its implementation and maintenance.

 So… what are you waiting for , get ready to streamline your hiring process with an Applicant Tracking System


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