Recruitment Trends are Changing , When will you ?

The face of recruitment industry is changing at a fast pace and to avoid being left behind you need to be updated with the latest trends emerging in the industry.

Let us scrutinize the latest trends in hiring adopted in 2016 :

Increased focus on Employer Branding

Since the reins are now in hands of candidates to accept or reject a job offer , employing a passive strategy in recruitment will no longer yield results. You need to be active and develop salesman skills to be able to convince the talented pro for your job vacancies. Following tactics help you to attract right talent for your job by promoting your employer brand –

  1. Completely understanding the job required to be filled and designing a detailed job description that portrays the requirement of the employer to the candidate. Keep the job description as simple as possible and also exciting simultaneously so as to propel candidates to look into that job offer.
  2. Videos are now becoming an increasing source of selling your employer brand. You can involve your current employees into making videos that speak about your company culture, benefits and training offered for the job. This would give much better glimpse about your company to the job-seekers who look for all these factors before accepting a job offer.

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More options to source candidates faster

Advent of social media has opened gates for more ways to source candidates. Now the recruiters not only gather candidate details but can also engage with potential candidates on social media . This benefits both the recruiters as they can learn more about their potential talent in addition to information on their resumes and also benefits the candidates as they become more familiar about the job openings and companies offering the job.

Following practices can help you utilize social media completely :

  1. Lay more emphasis on online profiles than resumes. Resumes are important but they may not be updated. Since every job-seeker is more active on social media , he keeps his profile updated and you can get latest information about them from social media profiles rather than resumes.
  2. Utilize sites like Stack-Overflow , Techgig , Github to source candidates for technical positions. These sites not only provide details about candidates but you can also catch a real time glimpse into the working capability of candidates through coding tests.
  3. Learn to hire candidates when they are available in the market and not only when positions are vacant. You can engage with high talented people and keep their information secured in your database for future reference.
  4. Make a habit of conducting employee referral programs in your organisation as your current employees are the best source to a new hire.

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Improve Candidate Hiring and On-boarding Experience

You need to inculcate following practices in order to strengthen your relationship with candidates and improve their job application experience.

  1. Mobile platform now begins to dominate every aspect of recruiting. Starting from job applications to viewing videos about job descriptions and interviews , mobile has become the major source of communication. So ensure that you can post jobs , receive applications and conduct interviews on mobile phones.
  2. Build a professional relationship with your candidates and guide them through the entire process of hiring so that they feel appreciated . Talk to them about their needs and preferences regarding job offers and what all they could do to be successful in the interview. Even if your candidate gets rejected in an interview , help him to discover the reasons for it and improving on his potential for further interviews.
  3. Using a Recruitment Management System , that automates every step in recruitment will help in reducing the time required to fill a job and thus improve your candidate experience.

Using Talent Analytic to drive decisions regarding Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment companies are already going beyond simply reviewing basic operational measurements like time-to-fill, cost-per-hire and source-of-hire, and are instead hiring full-time analysts to mine for more in-depth talent metrics. Some companies are using data to analyze competitor talent pools to find candidates with the right skills and potential to join the organization and are examining data on whether full-time or part-time employees bring the highest return on investment. Companies are using data to capture a whole-person analysis of candidates to determine if they have the competencies, experiences, traits and drivers to succeed.

Focus on recruiting pioneers:

The most innovative firms like Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon produce significantly higher revenue per employee than the average firms in the industry. This is because they focus on hiring innovators, who produce at least 10 times more than the average worker in the same job. Innovators also allow a firm to be first in the marketplace, which builds the product brand and often produces high margins.

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