How to Promote Job Openings
Promote Job Opening

Advertising job vacancies is the inaugural step in hiring and if not conducted properly will either leave you destitute of right talent or will just  burden you with a  flood of resumes which might not be a right fit for the job.

So you need to promote your job vacancies with extreme caution to be able to find the right talent in shortest possible time and also save  a penny.

Ways by which you can promote your job vacancies are :


  1. Leverage Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn :


  • Posting your job vacancies on Social networking sites gives you an advantage of engaging with potential candidates , which is not possible in case of job boards and newspapers and also saves on your investment.
  • Make sure you add the requisite skills required for the job and a detailed job description in your postings. Keep this description as simple as possible so that it conveys the right message about your company and requirements for the job to the job-seeker.
  • Post your jobs in Job Search Groups on Social Media sites to make them visible to a  maximum number of people.
  • You can also make a video about your company culture and benefits about working in your company. Incorporate your current employees for making such videos and post it on Social Networking sites and YouTube.


2.    Maneuver free job posting sites :

Utilise websites that offer a free service for posting a job opening like




Www.Indiajobexpress.Com  ( Reference – )

But posting jobs on so many sites and social media will be cumbersome. Why not bestow the benefits of ATS in posting these jobs  . An Applicant Tracking System  helps you to post jobs on social media and job posting sites in a single click and also gather your candidate details simultaneously.


  1. Promote jobs by setting up employee referrals :

Invite your current employees in referral programs and take advantage of their connections to reach out to potential candidates and sell your job vacancies . This has the advantage of reaching out to more authentic and talented people.


  1. Join online discussion forums :

Quora , Reddit , Hubspot, CiteHR are amongst the top forums where you can connect with professionals and candidates and promote your job openings by entering into group discussions or answering job search related queries.


  1. Connect with institutions like local universities and recreational clubs to get in touch with fresh talent and endorse your job opportunities.

Take a look at How to Post a Job on Social Media Using An Applicant Tracking System









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