Ten Ways To Become A Recruitment Ninja

How To Use Social Media for Hiring ?
How To Use Social Media for Hiring ?

In today’s world, every organisation considers its personnel to be the most valuable asset and strives to hire the best in a TIMELY AND COST – EFFECTIVE MANNER.

That is the time you step in and prove your worth by hiring the right candidate for the organisation.

Here are the 10 ways that will help you in hiring the top talent :

Identification of the right candidate is a prelim in recruitment. So how to proceed with this identification?

You can post a job on job portal or social sites to attract talent. But Sorry Friends, this is a passive strategy where you have to wait for the right candidate to step in and offers no control over candidate qualifications.

On the other hand , you can be proactive and use these methods to build your talent community


  1. Sources for Talent Management :


  • Searching for candidates currently serving Notice Period:

Candidate’s long notice periods have always been a reason to worry for recruiters. In 50% of the cases, candidates back out at the very last moment leaving a recruiter helpless. Unless you are short of options, prefer candidates who are currently serving notice period. Most of the job portals have a section where user mentions his notice period details; however there is one platform hiree.com which focuses on candidates who are currently serving notice period. This platform ensures to include only active users and lists only verified job seekers. Thus you find only those candidates who are serving the notice period, currently available to join or actively looking for a job change.


  • Good News for Technology Recruiters! Techgig and Stack Overflow as sources for recruitment

One of the biggest challenges in IT Recruitment is Skill Verification. Only if a Recruiter could gauge technical cognizance of a potential candidate before lining up for an  interview it would save a  tremendous amount of time for them.

There are lots of technology platforms, technical communities where lots of IT professionals contribute with their skills.

Stack-Overflow is a site where developers post their day-to- day questions and asking for advice from other developers or software engineers share information about their work.

Techgig helps in assessing the technical skills of candidates quickly and accurately through coding tests.

Code guru, Github are also based on similar concept

These tools prevent you from rejecting a skilled candidate and qualifying a weak candidate who will waste your time during  a technical interview.


  • Sourcing Candidates From LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one source that provides Level-1 authentication of a candidate’s profile. With time LinkedIn has become a primary source for local and International recruitments. Recruiters have options to simply connect with Potential candidates or create Groups where they can add and interact with them. LinkedIn can be used as a potential source of candidates because :

  1. It has high passive to active member ratio , thus allowing you to target those who are not actively looking for a job.
  2. LinkedIn profiles are consistent which makes it easier to compare different prospects side by side in same factors.It is easier to search their database on various factors like industry , location , job title etc.
  3. LinkedIn profiles are more accurate and up – to – date than resumes.


  • Using Premium Job Portals Like Naukri , Monster and Timesjobs.com for sourcing candidates

This facilitates the recruitment of right candidate with required skills, reduces the  time of hiring and gives 24×7 access to an  online collection of resumes.


2.   Moving on to the next step that is the role of social media in recruitment.

Social Networking can be used as communication channels to create and establish your employment brands, communicate your current job Vacancies and future needs for talent as well as establish more personal on – going relationships with your candidates.

Most popular sites used in social networking are :

  1. Facebook

This site allows you to engage with job seekers on a much more personal level than posting a job on job board or newspaper and also gives a chance to attract fresh talent , in other words , college students which comprise one of  the highest demographics on Facebook.

2.   Twitter

There is more to this site than just blasting your job openings.

  1. You can share news about events taking place in the company and allow potential candidates catch a glimpse into the  company culture.
  2. It also allows you to be responsive to candidates , yet with its 140 character limit capping the time input required to do so.


  1. And now something for technical recruiters! Github

This platform is increasingly becoming the hottest hub of skilled engineers sharing their capabilities and work . Apart from potential candidates, you can also find people who are actively sharing their programming skills , something which is hard to get from an interview or resume.

  • Coming to the most time  – consuming part of recruitment business that drills down every recruiter and also checks his efficiency. A good recruiter is like a bridge between a hiring manager and the candidate.


  1. After sourcing the right candidate, a recruiter has to sell the job opportunity to prospective candidates which can be communicated via social media , phone calls or e – mails . He has to also screen a POOL OF RECEIVED APPLICATIONS to select the right fit for the job and send them for a face – to – face interview.

2.   Why not pull benefits of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to make your hiring  process easier, cheaper and faster?

Using an Applicant Tracking System, you can automate the tasks , create vacancies, integrate job boards , migrate data , send e – mails and texts and track the progress of your candidate , all this at no cost of your valuable time.

3.    We Introduce to you CLOUD Based SOLUTION by RIGHT RECRUITERS

  • It is a fully equipped Applicant Tracking System that gives you an advantage of all data being stored within a single data repository and accessible from any computer in the world with internet access.
  • All the information stored is fully secured and although all your employees with user access can view company data but a role hierarchy with customised security settings may be set.
  • It gives you a  full capacity to control your data , company processes , employees and manage your recruitment business from anywhere around the globe.

So , Leverage the technology of Right Recruiters and become a Recruitment Ninja in a COST EFFECTIVE MANNER.


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