How to Choose An Ideal Applicant Tracking System ?

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Hiring the right talent is a time – consuming process right from sourcing the candidate , screening of resumes , creating vacancies , integrating with job boards , compiling data of clients and resumes , tracking the progress of your candidate up to generating an invoice for the candidate you hire.

So, every recruiter solicits a solution that would automate this entire process and save his valuable time.

Choosing and implementing an Applicant Tracking System  for your hiring process is a significant challenge, understanding what to look for in this software that matches your needs and simplifies the process of recruitment.

We enumerate the tips for choosing the best applicant tracking system for your hiring  needs


  1. Convenience

The goal of such software is to improve your workflow and make things easier for you and your team. You should be able to use the system with minimal training. Don’t get bogged down by the features list and added options of the system . None of these things matter if they do not make hiring process better. In other words ,  the applicant tracking system should make your work easier and not disrupt your workflow.


  1. Simplified Connectivity to Social Media

Social media is the heartbeat of connectivity and without utilizing these resources you won’t be able to reach the top talent.Make sure your applicant tracking system is able to provide the necessary social media integration that you will need for a successful recruitment.


  1. Job Sharing via Job Boards

When it comes to finding great applicants, you have to go fishing about various job boards. This search will be made easier if your applicant tracking system could help distribute jobs through job boards in just a  few simple steps.

This type of integration is a key aspect you should look for in HR software.

4.  Customization Of Functions

An Ideal Software should allow you to maintain all information about your clients like their addresses , contact details etc. in a single repository and upgrade it as and when necessary without any hassle. What If using a single software you could assign roles to your team members and also send invoices to your clients for the candidates you hire?

Oh! Anyone would love to have that . Yes ,  it is a dream come true. Now you can customize the software to assign roles to your team members and also generate invoices for your clients.

No fear of any data being lost or deleted by your team member . Everything is stored in a single place which you can access easily . Do check out on this feature before choosing.

5.  Pre-Screening and Assessment tool

The Ideal applicant tracking system should be able to provide a customized pre-screening tool to the hiring manager to rank the candidates based on their responses and focus only on qualified candidates, thus saving his man – hours.

  1. Workflow Automation, Communication and Interview Management

With built-in workflow automation, you can automatically create alerts, follow-ups, actions and notes as you are moving a candidate through the hiring process and share the candidate’s information with your HR at  the click of a button. Additionally, applicant tracking system allows you to send status updates to multiple candidates, coordinating and scheduling interviews on manager’s calendars with important interview documents attached and storing interviewer comments in a central location for team review.


  1. Universal Fit

The Ideal  applicant tracking system should have the flexibility to meet the demands of small, medium and large business equally and design the workflow unique to each organization.

Small Businesses are not able to reach out to qualified candidates because of budgetary constraints of paid job boards and lack of highly qualified candidates on free job boards.

An Ideal Software removes this hassle by easy integration with top job boards and also provides low startup cost and round the clock maintenance so that all companies can save their IT resources and infrastructure independent of their size.

8.   Worldwide Accessibility

There is no point in choosing a software if you can operate it only from your office computer. An ideal software should allow you to store all the information in a single data repository which can be accessed from any computer .

Before choosing an applicant tracking system , ensure that all the information stored is fully secured and it gives you  a full capacity to control your data and company processes from anywhere around the globe.

9.  Performance

The basic reason you decided to invest in a software is to save time and make hiring easier. There is no point in choosing a software if it takes more time to source candidate’s applications , share it with your clients and track the progress of your candidate.

Slow performance can lead to loss of candidates, wastage of time, loss of opportunities and frustration. Ideally all the activities you perform through the software should just amount to a single click. So ensure the speed of the software before making a decision.

10.  Customer Support

Last but not the least you would want 24×7 support for maintenance and upgrading of the product you invest in. Ensure this before coming to a choice.

Wondering where you will find these features all at one place?

Your search ends at Right Recruiters ATS , that provides you with simple, easy to access, high – performance recruitment solution with 24×7 customer support to make your hiring process easier and faster, without binging on your pocket.

So don’t be ignorant and choose wisely. 




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