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I would like to thank Mr. Quintin Ford and Recruiting Blogs for their endeavour to uplift recruiters from a  bad reputation. Their description of the recruitment strategy which majority recruiters adopt and leave a bad impression upon their customers is very apt. But that is only one aspect of it. There are many other reasons why people say ” RECRUITERS SUCK “. Let me enumerate them for you :


  1. Poor Communication by recruiters :

 The reason behind the majority of candidates having a bad experience with recruiters is their poor communication.

About 79% of the candidates complain that they are unable to contact the recruiter . About 91% of the candidates say that recruiters didn’t contact them after receipt of application

for the posted job or even if they contact , they just receive an e-mail about the interview but no personal calling from recruiters , no details as to how long the hiring process will take , no information about the status of the interview or why the candidate didn’t make up for that job.

Such poor communication on the part of recruiters is a big hurdle to your success and can take a toll on your business.

2.  Poor understanding of candidate’s interest :

Today recruiters in order to increase their sales just ask for resumes of candidates without paying attention to their needs and interests and therefore do not establish a professional relationship with candidates before filling up the positions they are hiring for. They are completely sales driven and do not understand what a candidate desires from a recruiter – just an understanding of candidate’s interest and placing him in the  right job.

3.  Poor understanding of Job Description :

Although recruiters say that they understand the jobs they are hiring for but hiring managers disagree with them saying that they don’t understand what we want. In order to promote their business,  they just hurl resumes at hiring managers without paying attention as to whether it is a  right fit for the job required. They are more concerned about the quantity of candidates rather than quality.


Now , what is the reason behind this lapse on  the part of recruiters ? The answer comes to only one thing ” DEFICIENCY OF TIME ” .  In this fast paced world today , every hiring manager wants the right candidate for his company as fast as possible ,  no candidate wants to undergo long hiring process and a recruiter also wants to promote his business. And in order to do so  , he comes under pressure to hire a  maximum number of candidates faster but overlooks the above aspects which are crucial for his success.

So How can you recruit faster without defaming yourself ?

The answer lies with RIGHT RECRUITERS

An applicant tracking system   that helps you to manage the complete process of recruitment easily , effectively and quickly.

A system that helps you to post detailed job on portals and social media sites , source candidate details easily from job portals and social media which are saved in your database, easy communication with candidates informing them about job details, interview , status after the interview and joining date and easy communication with your hiring managers regarding candidate details . All this is managed by single applicant tracking system thus making your work easier and also gives you time to make a  professional relationship with your customers which is key to your success as a recruiter.

So , Wake up recruiters , take that one step towards your success and save your industry from defamation.








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