Techniques to Attract , Recruit and Retain the Best Talent

How to Attract And Recruit Best Talent

Every recruiter or staffing agency will be having their own ways of recruiting employees to their organisation and these techniques are advanced too but still we are facing  a dearth of best talent in the industry.

Do you know why ?

Because the resources from where you get candidates are almost the same for everyone , yet the difference lies with how you utilise these sources in your favour to get maximum benefit out of them.

So… we enumerate the ways by which you can attract , recruit and retain the best talent for your organisation :

  1. Utilising Social Media :

 Social networking sites are the oxygen of today’s world and although everyone is using  them , but to hire an outstanding employee , you need to be proactive and pursue the following steps :


  • Use filters to connect with relevant candidates – Your time is valuable and you would not want to waste it in communicating with unqualified , unskilled professionals . So use search filters to filter your target audience and get connected with them .


  • Make your job description look catchy and attractive Don’t  be  a stereotype while writing your job descriptions . Think of a headline that would prompt the candidate to look into your ad and visit your career page e.g. if you are looking to fill a position of a chef in a restaurant , instead of just posting “Now Hiring” , you could use the headline as “ Come , show your cooking Skills ….” . Your job descriptions are the first way to catch the candidate’s attention and you should give due consideration to it.


  • Engage with your potential candidates – Don’t just hurl your job advertisements on social networking sites and sit back waiting for candidates to apply. If talent is precious to you , then even you have to make yourself precious in their eyes. Engage with your candidates on a regular basis , get to know their professional skills , their needs and expectations.

This would help you design what is called as EVP i.e. Employee Value proposition. You need to tell your candidates what makes you different from other organisations, what benefits they will incur while working at your workplace, keeping aside monetary gains. Today candidates not only look at the offered salary  but other benefits too like workplace environment , growth opportunities etc.  In other words  , you have to sell yourself in front of the candidates.

Even if the candidate is not interested in your job offer , you should establish a good relationship with him ,  it will help you in future.


  1. Go for a mobile platform :

 Make your hiring process mobile friendly and easy. Make provisions for candidates to schedule interviews , hold live video interviews and complete job application process on mobile phones in few easy steps.


  1. Leverage your current employees :

 Although everyone knows that Employee referrals are the most cost-effective mode of recruitment but still they are under- utilised.

Conduct regular Employee Referral Programs to involve your current workforce in hiring decisions.

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  1. Speed up you Hiring Process :

 No one , neither the candidate  nor the client wants to undergo a long hiring process. Apart from making job application process easy and mobile – friendly , using an Applicant Tracking System will also speed up your hiring process and help you close more positions in a short time because it automates each step in the recruitment activity. But you should use Applicant Tracking System that can be customized according to the workflow of your organisation

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  1. Ensure about the comfort of the candidates :

 You can gain an edge above other organisations by looking after the comfort of your candidates while applying for job vacancies , travelling to your workplace and scheduling interviews. Keep your conduct absolutely professional and polite while dealing with the candidates.

You can also guide them about how to develop a particular skill or how to go about the interview process in front of the hiring managers.

So….. Brush up your marketing tactics to attract , recruit and retain the best in the market.



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