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What is An Applicant Tracking System ? What are its benefits ?

Everyone working in recruitment business will agree with me . A recruiter’s life is far more interesting than a person working in any other industry. On one side this business is full of connecting and communicating with a variety of candidates and clients , which in itself is a great venture but is also laden with […]

How to Choose An Ideal Applicant Tracking System ?

Hiring the right talent is a time – consuming process right from sourcing the candidate , screening of resumes , creating vacancies , integrating with job boards , compiling data of clients and resumes , tracking the progress of your candidate up to generating an invoice for the candidate you hire. So, every recruiter solicits […]

Is Managing Your Candidate Database a Nightmare?

Most of the recruitment agencies maintain their candidate database in form of excel sheets or folders but when you have to search for your desired candidate in this database ,Oh! It sends shivers through your back.

Even if you keep this data in an organised way and keep it updated and free of all unnecessary information , still it is very tiring and time consuming to search for your desired candidate.