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What is An Applicant Tracking System ? What are its benefits ?

Everyone working in recruitment business will agree with me . A recruiter’s life is far more interesting than a person working in any other industry. On one side this business is full of connecting and communicating with a variety of candidates and clients , which in itself is a great venture but is also laden with […]


Advertising job vacancies is the inaugural step in hiring and if not conducted properly will either leave you destitute of right talent or will just  burden you with a  flood of resumes which might not be a right fit for the job. So you need to promote your job vacancies with extreme caution to be able […]

How to build your reputation among candidates ?

I would like to thank Mr. Quintin Ford and Recruiting Blogs for their endeavour to uplift recruiters from a  bad reputation. Their description of the recruitment strategy which majority recruiters adopt and leave a bad impression upon their customers is very apt. But that is only one aspect of it. There are many other reasons […]

Recruitment Trends are Changing , When will you ?

The face of recruitment industry is changing at a fast pace and to avoid being left behind you need to be updated with the latest trends emerging in the industry.

Let us scrutinize the latest trends in hiring adopted in 2016 :

Increased focus on Employer Branding

Since the reins are now in hands of candidates to accept or reject a job offer , employing a passive strategy in recruitment will no longer yield results. You need to be active and develop salesman skills to be able to convince the talented pro for your job vacancies. Following tactics help you to attract right talent for your job by promoting your employer brand –