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Techniques to Attract , Recruit and Retain the Best Talent

Every recruiter or staffing agency will be having their own ways of recruiting employees to their organisation and these techniques are advanced too but still we are facing  a dearth of best talent in the industry. Do you know why ? Because the resources from where you get candidates are almost the same for everyone […]

Who wins the race of the Best Employer ?

Today’s candidate driven market has involved  recruiters in  a marathon for talented pro where every staffing firm is fighting to reach the right candidate at the right time and become a superstar in the eyes of their end clients.

But success does not come for free you need to strive for it and Employer Branding is the first step towards it. Recent surveys from recruiting leaders suggest that Employer Branding started as the most crucial trend in recruitment in 2015 and continues to be so in the present scenario.