Month: June 2016

Who wins the race of the Best Employer ?

Today’s candidate driven market has involved  recruiters in  a marathon for talented pro where every staffing firm is fighting to reach the right candidate at the right time and become a superstar in the eyes of their end clients.

But success does not come for free you need to strive for it and Employer Branding is the first step towards it. Recent surveys from recruiting leaders suggest that Employer Branding started as the most crucial trend in recruitment in 2015 and continues to be so in the present scenario.

Recruitment Trends are Changing , When will you ?

The face of recruitment industry is changing at a fast pace and to avoid being left behind you need to be updated with the latest trends emerging in the industry.

Let us scrutinize the latest trends in hiring adopted in 2016 :

Increased focus on Employer Branding

Since the reins are now in hands of candidates to accept or reject a job offer , employing a passive strategy in recruitment will no longer yield results. You need to be active and develop salesman skills to be able to convince the talented pro for your job vacancies. Following tactics help you to attract right talent for your job by promoting your employer brand –

Is Managing Your Candidate Database a Nightmare?

Most of the recruitment agencies maintain their candidate database in form of excel sheets or folders but when you have to search for your desired candidate in this database ,Oh! It sends shivers through your back.

Even if you keep this data in an organised way and keep it updated and free of all unnecessary information , still it is very tiring and time consuming to search for your desired candidate.