Manage Entire Recruitment Business

Employer Branding ,Job Promotion , Talent Sourcing and Applicant Tracking in one product.

Expand Team Rapidly

Right Recruiters makes your hiring process easy so that you can expand rapidly.

Simple to use & Fast to Execute

Right Recruiter Recruiting Software is easy to understand , simple to use and fast in execution.

Empowering Recruitment Industry - Bringing technology at their Doorsteps.

Recruitment Consultant

Solutions For Recruitment / Staffing Firms

  • Manage Entire Recruitment Cycle From Single Platform .
  • Candidate Sharing , Client Interaction directly from Platform.
  • Manage & Monitor Recruitment team Performance.
  • Interact with & Manage Multiple Resume Supplier(s).
Freelancers , Corporate Employees

Solutions For Corporates / Company Hiring

  • Manage multiple Recruitment Partners.
  • Employer Branding among Potential Candidate(s).
  • Internal Team Applicant Tracking System .
  • Integrated Internal Candidate Referral Module.


Mr. Aditya


Transcend HR Solutions

"We are using Right Recruiters Automation tools which have helped our team to rapidly expand our reach of Potential Candidates. The Customer Service team is highly responsive and fast."

Mr. Siddarth


Truo Consultants

"Right Recruiters is easy to understand and really fast in yielding result. Easily able to manage my team with Right Recruiters Management System.!!"

About Us is a technology provider which is focused at bringing new products to assist Recruitment & Staffing firms and Corporates to assist them in Managing their Hiring needs. We are committed towards bringing products in Recruitment domain which are faster , Simple to use and yet Extremely powerful and Result Oriented.

How can Recruiting Software Improve Recruitment Business ?

Right Recruiters , Recruitment Management System understands the entire hiring lifecycle to the depth. The Product is tailor made for Bulk-hiring & Executive Search.Our Talent Sourcing Solutions completely removes manual entry work and integrates all your different resume sources with Dashboard. Job Management System allows you to create customized forms , Share Job Openings on Social Media and Promote your Personal Brand. Our Reporting System will give you in-depth details of your Team Performance and Number achieved at each stage of Recruitment.Flexible Multi-Parameter Search allows you to look for Candidates in your Internal database based on Interaction History and Resume Details.

How Secured is Candidate Data ?

Right Recruiters , Recruitment Management System maintains all the Password in Encrypted format so that even our Internal teams are not able to View our Clients Password. Back-up of your Data is taken on different servers in order to make sure that our Clients never loose their precious data. Clients can also choose to keep Data in their own servers and Club it with Right Recruiters Recruitment Management Application. Our Application uses 128 bit Encryption for Sending and Receiving Data From Server and Database giving an extra layer of protection to your Data.Under No Condition will ever share your data in any kind or format with anyone and this is covered under the Service Level Agreement.